Main characters:


  • Dick Dastardly (single appearance)(main story and flashback)
  • Muttley (single appearance)(main story and flashback)
  • Dusty (single appearance; redeemed)
  • Rotten Robots (single appearance; redeemed)
  • Cerberus (single appearance)
  • Captain Caveman (single appearance; redeemed)
  • Simon Cowell (single appearance)
  • Beach Guy (single appearance)(flashback only)
  • Ghost (single appearance)(Mr. Rigby's disguise)(flashback only)
  • Mr. Rigby (single appearance)(flashback only)
  • Ghost of Elias Kingston (single appearance)
  • Phantom (single appearance)
  • Space Kook (single appearance)
  • Captain Cutler's Ghost (single appearance)
  • Charlie the Robot (single appearance)
  • Black Knight Ghost (single appearance)
  • Phantom Sea Squid (only time mentioned)
  • Sea Captain Ghost (only time mentioned)

Other characters

  • Ben (single appearance)
  • Mrs. Rogers (single appearance)(flashback only)
  • Ira Glass (single appearance)(in the Phone)(flashback only)
  • Samuel Colton (single appearance)
  • Officer Casey (single appearance)(flashback only)
  • Officer Gary (single appearance)(flashback only)
  • Officer Jaffe (single appearance)
  • Kari (single appearance)
  • Restaurant owner (single appearance)(flashback only)
  • Chad (single appearance)(flashback only)
  • Chet (single appearance)(flashback only)
  • Keith (single appearance)
  • Hal Murphy (single appearance)
  • Officer North (single appearance)(flashback only)
  • Jaime Rivera (single appearance)
  • Dispatcher Stevens (single appearance)
  • Judy Takamoto (single appearance)
  • Harry Perry (single appearance)(flashback only)
  • Squiddly Diddly (single appearance) (artwork)
  • Hex Girls (single appearance)(poster)
  • Banana Splits (single appearance)(artwork)
  • Neptunes (single appearance)(artwork)
    • Jabberjaw (single appearance)(artwork)(credits sequence)
    • Biff (single appearance)(artwork)
    • Shelly (single appearance)(artwork)
    • Bubbles (single appearance)(artwork)
    • Clamhead (single appearance)(artwork)
  • Hong Kong Phooey (single appearance)(artwork)
  • Mr. Cogswell (single appearance)(artwork)
  • Snagglepuss (comic)
  • Secret Squirrel (comic)
  • Indira Knight (single appearance)
  • Atom Ant (comic)(credits sequence)
  • Dr. Benton Quest (credits sequence)
  • Grape Ape (credits sequence)
  • Space Ghost (artwork)
  • Rock Slag and Gravel Slag (single appearance) (no lines) (cameo)